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psst, if you accept freezerburn prompts, could I suggest some bodyswap? bonus point for those dorks accommodating to their new height.


Thanks for the prompt if anyone reading this has been to my ask box lately too I just want to say thank you and that I am working on a few things so stay tuned for your requests.

To avoid too much confusion I will refer to them as the person they are and not the body they are in so when I say ‘Weiss punched the wall’ I mean that she did it whilst in Yang’s body.

This got quite long but I’d love to come back and do a continuation of it some time.

Warnings: Bad language and boobs of course.


1496 words

A New Perspective

She thought they had come away unscathed. How badly mistaken she had been.

Weiss felt that something was wrong long before she opened her eyes and realised she was certainly not in her bed. She jolted immediately up into a sitting positon, ignoring the peculiar fluttering of blonde hair in the corner of her eyes, and noticed that she was in fact in Yang’s bunk.

Weiss prided herself on her intelligence and her mind didn’t betray her when it came to an almost instant, if worrying, conclusion.

She wasn’t in her own body.

She looked down as she threw the comforter off of her unusually tall figure and was faced with breasts.

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RWBY Volume 2 Blu ray cover

hey, JNPR is on the spine. neat.

*busts down door* JNPRBERRIES



oh my god

everyone needs to see this video at least once in their life

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rewatching rwby v2 episode 8, atlas got nice uniforms


wait a minute…


hmm hold on


are you-




ruby no



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Are you a fan or RWBYQuest? I would love to see some of the characters drawn in your art, especially 3D.